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1400 Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy is a collection of five rules-lite fantasy micro-games with a shared ruleset. Each game has its own character options and variant rules, which can plug-and-play to tailor the game to the perfect experience for your table. The zine also includes concise player and GM guidance, which is applicable not only to 1400 but most tabletop roleplaying games, and a short starter adventure.

The Games

Quest - Heroic fantasy adventures that tap into the ‘classic’ D&D-esque RPG space. Pick a class and ancestry, grabs some gear, and get exploring,

Below - Dungeon crawl with a darker vibe. Introduces magic (and cursed) items, new rules for harm, and generators for dungeon locations, hazards, and enemies.

Sneak - Shadowy heists and assassinations. Play a vagabond pulling off under-the-table jobs. Introduces gadgets and new spells for players, and rules for running heists.

Mage - High magic spellslinging adventures with expanded rules for spellcasting and sixty spells.

Planes - Explore the multiverse as one of twenty ancestries, including Cambion, Myconid, and Reptite. Tables for the GM to populate an entire universe with adventure.

1400 Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy uses an easy-to-learn, skill-based system, where players roll a larger numbered polyhedral die the better their skill. Character creation is quick and easy, and the game focuses on narrative-driven gameplay and prioritises player agency and inventiveness. The core system is based on the 24XX SRD by Jason Tocci.

Cover Art by Bogdan Antoci

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Get this zine and 5 more for $10.00 USD
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I bought these before they were a bundle. Worth every penny!


I just finished running a game for two other people with this using the sample dungeon. It was a lot of fun, very easy to tweak on the fly and make interesting situations for. The only issue I ran into was the one with rooms 6 & 7's descriptions being swapped which I see has already been mentioned. I'd give it a solid recommend.


I can't praise this enough; absolutely awesome work in the 24XX space.

(1 edit)

Minor correction on page 28, the names and descriptions of rooms 6 and 7 should be swapped.

(1 edit) (+2)

Oh no! Thanks for the heads up! I'll fix that in the future release.


Oh snap this is a tour de force ...


Will there be any comp copies for previous collectors?


Everyone who has previously bought all 5 games will be able to download this for free. There will also be a bundle to get this and all 5 individual games together for the same price as the digital zine. This should go live in the next day or two.