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Tales of the Vellum Wyrm speak of a creature with a parchment-like skin that folds itself erratically through the dimensions. It consumes everything in its path, but that path might weave through a thousand untold universes. Unsuspecting inhabitants of those realms going blindly about their lives might be suddenly swallowed, leaving behind friends and family who wonder where they vanished. Others hunt out the wyrm, either to recover that which it has taken, or in hopes of vanquishing the beast and harvesting its papery skin.

While often its split-second foray into a given world goes unnoticed, to those that do lay eyes on it the wyrm appears fractured, as a crystal chandelier smashed upon a polished marble floor, or, perhaps more aptly, as an antediluvian tome, unbound, its pages scattered to capricious winds. 

One of the wretched princes has had Something Valuable swallowed by the Vellum Wyrm, and has tasked the party to venture deep into the impossible beast and retrieve it.

There are two sides to the wyrm and the players can venture down either. They can cross back and forth between them using the labyrinthine innards of the wyrm, often pushing themselves through membranes or squeezing through sphincters. The interior of the wyrm is living paper made flesh; its insides are as soft and wet as anyone else. Once they have recovered Something Valuable they must find their way out again.

Made for the 2020 Troika! Pamphlet Adventure Jam, this two-page adventure can be printed out and folded into an origami wyrm, revealing the adventure map in the process.

Praise for Belly of the Vellum Wyrm:

"This is legitimately one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen."

"I made a little snake and I had fun doing it."

"That's such a neat little concept, I love it!"

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorUnknown Dungeon
GenreRole Playing
TagsTroika, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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