1400 Quest gets an update

1400 Quest has just gotten some minor text fixes as well as some errata, and I've released 1400 Below (see below).

The Skulker has had it's starting skills altered to remove Melee Combat and Archery. Being able to get these to a d12 when combined with an ancestry made the Skulker better at fighting that the Warrior, which wasn't the intent. The Skulker can still get these skills through the an ancestry or advancement, but it'll take a bit of work now.

Speaking of ancestries, both Human and Elfin have had the number of skill increases you get lowered by one. Now the Human gets two skill increases and the Elfin get none. The Elfin still gets its spell, and now it can't be put to sleep by magic, in addition to it being immune to magical beguiling.

Hopefully, these changes make the game more balanced on its own. It also brings the power level slightly closer to 1400 Below, meaning the two games can be mixed and matched together. You can take a character made in 1400 Quest and delve into a dungeon crafted from 1400 Below, and vice-versa.


1400 Quest (singles).pdf 7 MB
Nov 20, 2020
1400 Quest (spreads).pdf 7 MB
Nov 20, 2020
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Nov 20, 2020

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Hello, I translated this game in Italian, where can I send the translation so others can use it?