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1400 Quest is lo-fi hi-fantasy. The borderlands are bad, and the cities aren’t much better. Brave heroes adventure into the unknown to slay dangerous beasts and explore magic-tainted ruins in search of wealth and renown.

1400 Quest is a stand-alone table-top RPG. The rules are short and easy to learn and the whole game can fit on a single sheet of paper.  It can be played using just the rules provided, or combined with other entries in the 1400 series (1400 Below1400 Sneak1400 Mage and 1400 Planes) to expand the world and provide more character and game options .

The main rules and character creation fit on one page (available in the free 'demo' version). The full game has two more pages which contain items, spells, pets, vehicles, and character options, as well as tables to help the DM populate the world with quirky NPCs, fantastic locations, and dangerous monsters, as well as create adventures and plot hooks.

1400 Quest is based on the 2400 microgames/toolkit by Jason Tocci, and brings the system of 24XX into a fantasy world of adventure, treasure, and peril. It was made for the 2020 24XX game Jam.

Art on this page is by BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann).

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorUnknown Dungeon
GenreRole Playing
Tags1400, Fantasy, Tabletop role-playing game


Get this game and 5 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I absolutely love the point system at the end of the book that gives you an idea of how to mix and match the games. But I was wondering, does using the magic system in Mage, in your experience, make spellcasters more powerful compared to non spell casters?  

The spellcasting rules from Mage certainly mechanise it more; being able to 'break' spells to avoid harm makes it stronger but the misfire table makes it riskier.

Ultimately, because there's no 'numbers' or similar associated with any of it - no 4d6 vs 3d8 etc. - power level comes entirely from the narrative. It's up to you as a group to decide how powerful magic is, and if you have a mix of games then you probably want magic to be less powerful than if you're just playing Mage on its own.


gotcha, thanks! 

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I got this game from a bundle a bit ago and just noticed the 1400 Lo-Fi Hi-Fantasy Bundle special promotion on the download page, but when I click it it says "Promotion not available - This promotion is only available to owners of 1400 QUEST, 1400 BELOW, 1400 SNEAK, 1400 MAGE, 1400 PLANES."

I assume it's just that the promotion doesn't work unless you buy the game directly instead of through a big bundle, but I just wanted to check and make sure I'm not doing something wrong.


Hi, not a stupid question at all! There's two different promotions at the moment; one for the digital zine which reduces the cost to $0 for anyone who already owns the five separate games, and another that bundles the zine and all five games together for the price of the digital zine ($10).

There's no percentage reduction on the bundle for owning previous games, but if you already own one of the 1400 games it's still cheaper to buy the bundle than to buy the four remaining games at full price.

It's not an ideal way of doing things, but it means people who support the development of the games individually get the zine (which has extra material, more GM stuff, and a starter adventure) for free, and anyone who wants the zine now can get the original games bundled in at the same time.

I hope that's made things a bit clearer!

Thank you for responding! And yeah I realized after a while that the free bundle was probably just if you own all the games separately, I hadn't realized until later that there was a zine that had all the rules in one.

Thanks again for the help!

Hello! I translated this game in Italian, where can I send the translation?

Hey that's great! You can drop me a DM on Twitter @unknwn_dngn or email jlgordon.games@gmail.com cheers.


I sent you by email


a great take on the 24xx system, easy to take up for the players yet allowing flexibility during play with a deft hand from the GM. thank you!

hello, any plan to put quest, sneak, mage, below in ONE document with a decent price ?

Hi, I don't currently have any plans to compile all the games into a single release. There is currently one final release planned in the series, which I expect to be out in a couple of weeks. After that I'm not sure where the series will go.

hey there, any updates on this?

A collection of all 5 games is definitely on the to-do list. At the moment it's a case of working out what that should look like. I also want to write advice for running the game and for combining the different games.

It's important to me that anyone who already owns the separate releases shouldn't have to pay again for a collection, so I need to figure out the best way to make that possible first.

Still planned ?


Yep! The writing is about 80% done and I'm in the process of sorting cover art. No ETA yet though.

$10 promo for all 6 going on right now.  Perhaps cheaper if you own some of the items?

Minor typo for shield:

"brake once for defence, requires 1 hand"


For anyone who might like to play this or other 24XX games on Discord:


Are there two more pages of random table goodness for the "Traditional" 24xx effect?

If so, maybe point that out in the description of the game?

Yeah the full game has two more pages of A5 which contain items, spells, pets, vehicles, and character traits, as well as tables to help the DM populate the world with quirky NPCs, fantastic locations, and dangerous monsters, as well as create adventures and plot hooks. You're right though that it's not clear from the description. I'll update it shortly.


Bought it. Worth the money.

Thanks. Glad you like it!


Singles and spreads are the same file essentially right now

Thanks for your comment. I've uploaded a better version of the spreads, as well as a b&w version.